Videos: African Iveco Daily 4×4

Five days ago we saw our South African Iveco Daily 4×4 Motorhome for the first time, now we spent the first night and day in our „rolling home“ for the next months (and years to come) after equipping it with most of the necessary (indoor) items in Cape Town. The first impression is very positive, our „Impala“ has a lot of adorable features, but only the next weeks of usage will proof the „test of goodness“ . Offroad enthusiasts will claim, that these extras are negative to the offroad abilities of the Iveco and yes, that’s true. With this used Iveco from 2015 we’ll drive more of an motorhome than an offroad expedition mobile. But we’ll enjoy the comfort on those routes, that we’ll be able to drive and others we’ll have to skip due to minor clearance, weight, height or the long extension behind the rear tires. The following will contribute to the daily enjoyment of comfortable living: + 3 x 100 W solar panels on the roof and 2 x 225 AH Deep Cycle Batteries + Fridge and Engel Fridge Box + Bed on the floor + Awning + 200 Liters Freshwater +  240 Liters Diesel Tank + Water Filter System + Outside Kitchenette and Outside Shower and a lot more.




If you want to see, how an African Iveco Daily 4 x 4 looks like, you are invited to watch the following video. We filmed and cutted it very quick in less than 1 h and with no love for details, just to show interested people a first impression, so please excuse any „uuhpps“.